Brides for the Billionaires
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Brides for the Billionaires

Brides for the Billionaires

The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain Kenzie has no choice but to agree to spend the weekend alone with her estranged husband, Dominick Masters, at his bidding… And stolen passion has its price. How will Dominick react when he hears Kenzie’s important news? The Billionaire’s Marriage Mission Travis Black might be darkly, broodingly handsome, but he’s also very infuriating! What does a rich man like him want with an ordinary woman like her? Travis soon makes that abundantly clear. But Beth isn’t into casual affairs; so this is one billionaire who won’t get what he wants! Bedded at the Billionaire’s Convenience Billionaire Pierre Newman needs a fiancée and fast! Frumpy, inexperienced Georgie is the complete opposite of the high-society women he usually has at his beck and call, but she will have to do! As he has to do this, he fully intends to enjoy the more pleasurable benefits too…
560 pages
9-11h de lecture
paru en août
23,00 €
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