Democratic Objectivecracy
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Democratic Objectivecracy

Do you trust the government? Do you feel represented by the politicians inside the government? Do you trust politicians? Do you vote for "the lesser of two evils"?


The truth is you do not live in a real democracy. Electoral Representative Democracy is not a truly democratic system, it is oppressive, it concentrates power in a few hands, it is inefficient, polarizing, easily corrupted and it tends to generate either stagnation or dictators.


What options do we have?

Stay on this oppressive, polarizing, and inefficient system until it breaks apart or a dictator or violent revolution terrorizes our society.

Implement a more oppressive and totalitarian system to maintain "order" and ramp up "efficiency". 

Implement one of the truly democratic but inefficient systems that have already been developed and applied like direct democracy or sortition democracy.

Develop new, efficient, just, and real democratic systems and processes like the Democratic Objectivecracy.


What is our best option?


The Democratic Objectivecracy: a new social organization system that is truly democratic, participatory, efficient, hard to corrupt, that distributes power equally among all citizens, it incentivizes collaboration and cooperation to achieve societies common objectives, it protects citizens from oppression and abuses of power and it generates new opportunities and freedoms. The Democratic Objectivecracy maximizes organization and citizens' power while eliminating hierarchy and the concentration of power in a few hands.


Can we really change the system?

Of course! Systems have been changed before and they will continue to change. The real question is not whether or not the system will change but whether it will change peacefully or through violence and whether it will change to be more oppressive or a more just and free system.


Do you want real democracy?

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