Do It Now
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Do It Now

Deferring decision making because of negative circumstances only provides you with a refuge for procrastination. Decision making can be hard, but the results of avoiding the tough decisions will always be harder – no problem gets better on its own. Good things happen because we make them happen by taking action.  Many times God tells His people to act today like they already have what they were hoping for tomorrow. Once we act, things start to happen, even miracles. Our natural inclination is to defer something we're hoping for and leave it in the sovereignty of God. 'His timing,' 'the right season'. But Jesus is telling us do not use 'sovereignty thinking' as a reason for inaction, but rather to have a higher vision - lift up your eyes - change your perspective. This book is about taking hold of your now, and getting that God vision for your life.

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8,99 €
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