Drops of Havoc
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Drops of Havoc

What brings Leona the most power is also what threatens to destroy her.


It's been four months since Leona's reign has been restored. Her country is prospering. Villagers are safe to venture outside of their communities. But still, her job isn't finished.

Harassment. Rape. Domestic abuse. These are just some of the crimes that remain in her kingdom. Her new goal: protect the women and children who cannot protect themselves. She is the unseen angel granting the peace of mind she'd been denied all her life. She can't help but smile as the offenders' lives drain away and their blood pools on the floor.

There's strength in destruction. Her purpose has grown higher than her position as queen. But is there a cost for her vigilance?


Drops of Havoc is a dark fantasy novel that contains adult language, graphic violence, and sexual content.

paru en sept.
Publié par Alex Shobe
2,99 €
Format ePub
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