Geri: A Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something
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Geri: A Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something

Geri: A Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something


Geri, a talented but unknown non-binary stand-up comedian and carpenter, navigates their LGBTQ+ life in the city with three LGBTQ+ roommates. The novel is, in some ways, a parody of the heterosexual series, Seinfeld, but it is its own story. Geri will be published mid-October 2020.


Main Characters
Geri Sender: a non-binary stand up comedian and carpenter who lives in a house flat with three LGBTQ+ friends
Ellie Kim: Geri's former lesbian lover and aspiring playwright who works part-time  in the box office of the Rainbow Theatre
Jorge Costa: a constantly employed and then unemployed gay person of color looking for love through a dating website
Krystal Orbit: a wacky yet outspoken trans gender person who has not yet made the transition.


Geri and Ellie love each other, but since their break up they bicker over aspects of life and act as if they don't miss what was once a strong physical relationship. Jorge is frequently unemployed and trying to establish a new relationship through a dating website. Krystal is wacky but has a serious side; she has come to a trans gender conclusion but has trouble walking in heels even though she likes to dress to nines.

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2,49 €
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