Grayson's Gamble
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Grayson's Gamble

He's hunting down mutant shifters.

And gets more than he bargained for with a sexy partner and a woman who's more than his--their--match.

A super sexy paranormal suspense romance.


Grayson Belle is one in a million. Unlike the government's manufactured Circs — government created shapeshifters — Gray was born with the ability to shift and has a heightened sense of telepathy. But lately, his world has gone to hell. He's seriously messed up, lusting after his irritating partner, whom he's not even sure he likes. And then the rogue Circ he's been sent to kill turns his heart inside out and his resolve to nothing. He's seriously losing his edge, because he wants to mark both Circs as his own. But if he does, what will that mean to the future he's mapped out for himself?

He'll have to gamble on his instincts to ignore what his head is telling him. Sometimes being rational means less than nothing if the heart isn't happy. And Gray will be damned if he'll let himself lose at love. Now he and his partner just have to convince one stubborn female Circ to take that same chance.


This title has been previously released.



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Grayson's Gamble


paru en nov.
2,99 €
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