Little Baby Steps
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Little Baby Steps

Little Baby Steps: Development, Education And Health In The First Year Of Life (Parents Guide). A baby does not yet need boundaries and rules, but a rhythm and rituals - so parents lay the foundation for a good start in life with education. Parents often worry about whether their baby already needs a targeted upbringing. The definition of upbringing plays a special role here, because at this early stage of human development it is less a question of educational measures than of conveying simple rules and gradually pointing out limits. In the first months of a baby's life, recurring rituals and a harmonious rhythm thus play a fundamental role, which prove to be a secure support for a carefree adolescence. If parents want to lay a solid foundation for an optimal start in life, they should consider the individual development of a child. In this "Parents Guide" you will find the most important basic rules for the development and upbringing of your baby up to the completion of the first birthday.
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