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WARNING: Do Not Read This Book If You Hate:

Creating a reading addiction. A curvy Strong Female Lead, though she has flaws, weaknesses and debts. A hot, Adonis, Greek God, jealous and possessive, must have it all, billionaire Strong Male Lead, who's type in general isn't a curvy girl, but when he sees her, the impact he gets, leaves a strong impression, driving him crazy to make her his. A playboy that might turn into a one woman's man. A jealous and possessive billionaire romance. A billionaire romance series which will soak you up into a world of mystery, action, suspense, comedy, intrigue and explosive passion, out of the box main characters, unpredictable plot empowered by twists and turns that will race your heart, blow your mind, rapture your body, make you crave for more with each chapter that rolls before your eyes. A story that halts your breathing for what's next, yet with the promise of a HEA. A series that will prove the meaning of true, pure love, but getting there through a lunatic, original love story from start to end. A book and series that contain language and sexual reference.

Now, if you do love such a book and series, what are you waiting for? Prepare your all and get access to such a world. It's only at a click distance…


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3,49 €
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