Serbian Short Story: "Trifun i mali fudbaleri" Level…
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Serbian Short Story: "Trifun i mali fudbaleri" Level A1

A short story for beginners to learning Serbian - Level A1.


All what Trifun, a Belgrade pensioner, wants is his afternoon rest - which three boys in his neighbourhood don't pay attention to and play loud football in the afternoon of all days. An argument is inevitable, because both sides are convinced that the other should give in and show more understanding.

A charming story that is easy to read.
The text in the form of a short story is written in both of Serbian scripts: the Latin and the Cyrillic. In this way, the learner not only practices the vocabulary and syntax of the Serbian language at the level A1, but also the Cyrillic alphabet at the same time.

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9,99 €
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