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Serial Fiction Sideshow

The galaxy's most unhinged lunatic just got his hands on an extinction-level death ray. And he's got an itchy trigger finger.

In the galaxy of Stratus Cloud, seven warring crime gangs run the underworld. That is until military turncoat Master Asinine hatches his most devious—and psychotic—scheme to date: uniting those gangs into a crushing force he calls, in his infinite absurdity, The Bad Guys. Stay classy, Master Asinine.
Now, with a death ray at his disposal, Asinine is in a position to conquer the galaxy. He's given everyone a four-day notice. And if nobody likes it...
...he'll nuke the galaxy instead.
The galaxy's only hope is Major Matross Legion, Master Asinine's former best friend, who must sidestep military injunctions to create an elite unit with special abilities to fight back.
Problem: Legion can't stand the sight of Asinine anymore. Bigger problem: That four-day notice is dwindling.
There's nothing more dangerous than a lunatic who controls all crime.
In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy is an even mix of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Spaceballs, Avengers, and awkward eye contact from across crowded rooms.
And the book is low sodium, if it comes to that.

paru en juil.
Publié par Liam Gibbs
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