The Malign Alliance
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The Malign Alliance

The Malign Alliance is the first book in the Malign Series.

A thousand years from now Earth is at war with the Union of Planets until the proud Linnayen Genara, Ki of the planet Altan, devises a controversial plan for peace.

On Earth, the naïve prince, Kevor Jax, becomes a pawn in her game, unaware that he will pay a heavy price for Linnayen's plans to succeed.

As for the ambitious Captain Durroc Navarr – he will stop at nothing to achieve glory and total domination, despite his friendship with Jax and because of his obsession for one woman he cannot – should not – have.

The Malign Alliance is a story of love, honour and treachery. It is an exciting adventure and a passionate love story that will keep the reader gripped from start to finish.

Readers who enjoyed such titles as the Dune trilogy, Star Wars and Game of Thrones, will love The Malign Alliance.

The Malign Alliance is 206,000 words over thirty-four chapters with an Epilogue and will be followed by the sequel: The Malign Legacy later in 2020.

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Publié par Penn Adams
5,49 €
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