The Next Step of Humanity
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The Next Step of Humanity

While exploring the properties of a humongous crystal called The Venerable, Pr. Kres is abducted by a mysterious group seemingly able to master the technology of hypersonic travel. His friend Initia and Captain Amos follow his track up to the Australian outback where they discover a secret NSA base.

While trying to break in, Initia suddenly finds herself projected to Peru in 1947 whereas Amos re-appears in the middle of a submarine facility in a faraway future.

Now trapped in the twentieth century, Initia investigates for answers. On his side, Amos understands he will have to reach the fifth level of consciousness in order to cross the timeline gap that keeps him away from his friend.

Laurent Pommes: a skillful writer who naturally combines science and esoteric knowledge into a vivid and heart-beating story.

246 pages
4-5h de lecture
paru en déc.
2,99 €
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