Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion
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Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion

What is the ultimate truth about God? In this concise presentation of his philosophical perspective, author Steven Colborne goes beyond divisive religious doctrines and presents his vision of the one true God who he believes is the creator, sustainer, and animator of every being in the universe.



Colborne has had a fascinating spiritual journey, which began with atheism and then took him on an immersive exploration of both Eastern and Western philosophy. This book, originally published in 2013 but now re-released in a revised and updated second edition, serves as an excellent introduction to Colborne's life and thought.


In the opening chapters, Colborne explains some of the reasons why he has been unable to fully embrace the Christian worldview. He proceeds to present his understanding of the true nature of the God/world relationship, discussing subjects such as God's attributes, suffering, morality, the human mind, and more. The author also shares some insights into his mental health journey, which impacted his philosophical perspective significantly.


In the final chapter of the book, Colborne describes his vision of the church of the future; a multi-faith church which will provide an opportunity for interfaith dialogue and progressive spirituality, building on the foundational ideas explored in the preceding chapters and in his many other books. Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion is a book that will force readers to think deeply about their own view of God and how religious differences might be overcome through a deeper understanding of God's nature and attributes.

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