Val's Secret Valentine
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Val's Secret Valentine




Esme Archer's life is all of those things until a good deed goes horribly right. Or wrong. Whoever thought that shoveling her neighbor's sidewalk would land her in so much trouble? Cupid has to be laughing at her.

Now she finds herself inexplicably tangled up in injured pro football player Val Adeniyi's life and heart. He's everything she could want in a guy: family-oriented, compassionate, built. Did she mention built? She should mention built. But even better than his admittedly fabulous good looks is his heart. He's the kind of guy she wants to spend her days curled up with and her nights curled around. And then there's his adorable ball of fluff kitten. She can't decide which one she wants to snuggle with first...

Unfortunately there's one tiny problem: he hasn't told anyone about her. Not his family. Not his teammates. No one. He claims it's for the best. But is the perfect man setting them both up for the perfect storm?

(Val's Secret Valentine is a standalone novella featuring a Black man and a biracial woman. It is complete and features a happy ending.)

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2,49 €
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