Vanessa's Winter Romance
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Vanessa's Winter Romance

Vanessa Adeniyi's eyes have always been on the prize: graduating summa cum laude from Harvard, a prestigious career in a top-tier law firm, making partner before the age of 35. Romance has simply never entered into the equation. Not that she was against the prospect, but finding a guy who could understand her drive and need to succeed took time. Time she didn't have. She barely even had time to eat, let alone look for a guy.

Thank the stars for her best friend and roommate, Oz. Oscar 'Oz' Olviedo-Zamora is everything Vanessa would want in a guy. Smart. Funny. Sweet. Great cook. Even greater body. And even better he gets her. Gets her need to succeed, because he has his own goals too. He was the perfect friend.

And now he wants to be the perfect boyfriend.

To her.

Wait, what?

When did this happen? And will their friendship survive the relationship upgrade?

(Vanessa's Winter Romance is a standalone novella featuring an alpha female/beta male relationship. The story is complete and features a happy ending.)

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2,49 €
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