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This urban fantasy thriller will draw you into a darker version of our world, where magic isn't a gift - it's a life sentence.


First, their wands were taken. Then it was their freedom.


Emilia Harris is on the run. Like so many of her fellow Wandless, she has been taken from her family and locked away for the best part of a decade. Finally finding a way to escape, she unlocks her previously dormant powers – but without a wand to focus them, she's a danger to everyone... including herself.


The full might of the Anti-Magic Security Force is in pursuit, with no intention of taking her alive. Greater England is no longer safe and Emilia must desperately flee north, seeking sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Scotland.


But even if she succeeds, can she hide the true reason she's been labelled a threat to society - a terrible truth that has nothing to do with her magic?

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3,49 €
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  • Date de parution : 26/04/20