Young Wives' Tales
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Young Wives' Tales

If you loved reading the mesmerising tale of Daisy and Simon's marriage and secrets in Adele Parks's No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller, Lies Lies Lies, you won't want to miss Lucy, Rose and Connie's story in Young Wives' Tales.

Don't miss Adele's gripping new novel, the No. 1 bestseller Just My Luck, out now!


Young Wives' Tales is the stylish, insightful sequel to Playing Away. Lucy, Rose and Connie are back in a novel which is every bit as addictive as Adele's debut bestseller and follows the friends' fortunes in their new roles as wives, mothers and lovers with plenty of surprises along the way...

Rose thought she had it all, but her perfect life crumbled when her so-called friend seduced her husband and destroyed her marriage. Now Rose is left without any passion, romance or plans for the future...

Lucy believed she finally had her fairy-tale ending, but being the wife isn't half as glamorous as being the mistress. When excitement and thrills give way to more chat about cleaning and the kids, it's not very...her.

They desperately envy Connie: happily married, effortlessly juggling two children and a fulfilling career. Connie has found genuine contentment. Until, that is, a dangerous old flame flickers back into view...

Will she be tempted to play with fire again?

What readers are saying about Young Wives' Tales:

'Adele has a knack for putting her finger on our fears and vulnerabilities, our dark sides, our hopes and expectations in love and friendship, and keeping the characters 'human'. Her language is quick, sharp and thoroughly engrossing'

'Loved it! The writing style is quirky and funny - I couldn't put it down. I would say that this is one of Parks' best books in a long time'

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1,99 €
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